Kitty Pennybackers 'Knitwear for the Home' range is made up of cushions and throws, developed through endless hours refining her knitting and weaving technique, re-imagining the tartan and tweed fabrics of her childhood in Yorkshire, England.  There are multiple processes that go into making each piece in this collection which include; cording, knitting, weaving and felting.  They have been made with a 100% wool in chanteclaire shades, creating a patina of colors, which has been chosen for its ‘plaid’ like look that can be seen when knitted up.  

The collection is adapted to suit the needs of interiors designers on a commission-based process.  Kitty works to produce the colors and sizes to suit the needs of her clients.  These pieces are made to order by Kitty in her Brooklyn based studio, New York.  

KittyPennybacker portrait.jpg

Kitty is a British knitwear designer with an MFA in Fashion from Parsons School of Design, New York and a BA in Fashion Textiles Design from the University of Brighton.  She has worked within the fashion industry in London and in New York, for brands such as Stella McCartney, Whistles, Paul Smith, as well as stylist and set designers such as Fran Burns and Zoe Bradley.  Through her working career she has forged relationships with British & Italian mills that she continues to work with today.  

From the floral prints and tapestries of William Morris, to Liberty printed head scarfs worn by my grandmother, wool twin sets with pearly buttons, British country life and the uniform of the people who inhabit this world, are a constant inspiration to me.


All photography by Billy Macrae